Hydraulic column elevator platform

NEWNION has developed a new elevator, made entirely of aluminium, guaranteeing greater lightness, toughness and durability.
  • Elevator made entirely of aluminium, providing lightness, toughness and durability.
  • Guaranteed animal welfare, both during loading and unloading, thanks to the hydraulic elevation system.
  • The elevator system gears project less than 40 cm from the external upper area.
  • Protection system to avoid animals getting caught when moving from the elevator to the pens.
  • Reinforced welds at the bases of the system to secure the pen in the elevator.
  • Corral elevator securely fixed and resistant to impact.
Main features

Elevator with non-slip embossed flooring, providing ample space for animals, to facilitate loading and unloading.
Built in external lighting system.

Hydraulic system

A hydraulic system that enables smooth elevation and descent, avoiding animal stress

Aluminium gears and column

An innovative system in which the elevator gear only projects about 34 cm from the external upper area, facilitating access for loading/unloading.

Protections and closures of the elevator pen

Extra-reinforced closure elements.
Protection to avoid the animals getting caught.
Minimum space between elevator/pens.

Presentation of Newnion

After-sales and repair service

NEWNION is always by your side, 24 hours a day, offering you an After-Sales and Repair Service adapted to your needs.

Contact us

Contact us for further information.

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  • newnion@newnion.com

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