Bodywork for rigid trucks

We design and manufacture aluminium bodywork using top quality alloys for all types of RIGID TRUCKS.

According to the format and length required by the client, these can be with 1, 2, 3 and 4 levels, depending on the usage. (pork, bovine, ovine and goats).

All our constructions have a totally aluminium hydraulic column elevator platform. The flooring, doors and internal partitions are designed for convenient and effective animal handling.

The rigid truck must be supplied by the client, but Newnion staff can offer advice on the characteristics it should have, according to the client’s needs and usage.

We guarantee that Newnion bodywork:

Is totally compliant with European regulations.
Prioritizes animal welfare in the construction.
Follows the guidelines of the truck manufacturer.
Is totally adapted to different climate conditions.

All constructions are delivered with the necessary documentation and certificates.


According to European animal welfare regulations, any transport of live animals should allow a comfortable distribution of the animals (adequate density) and should be well equipped, with air conditioning systems (ventilation, temperature sensors, moving blinds), access to water (drinking troughs, showers), to produce the least animal stress during transport.

Any accessories considered necessary can be added to these constructions:
GPS geolocation systems
GPS geolocation systems, built-in temperature sensors.
Side blinds
Manual or electric side blinds.
Forced ventilation with fans
Forced ventilation with fans.
Water supply systems for the animals
Water supply systems for the animals (drinking troughs and humidifiers), with tanks of up to 500 l.
Aluminium side cases for extra storage
Aluminium side cases for extra storage
Remote control
Remote control.
Painting and printing of company logo
Painting and printing of company logo.
Downloadable accessories documents:

Presentation of Newnion

After-sales and repair service

NEWNION is always by your side, 24 hours a day, offering you an After-Sales and Repair Service adapted to your needs.

Contact us

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